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Specialty Architectural Millwork Design & Manufacture


Wood Products Treating For

ISPM 15 Solid Wood Packaging


Typical Pallet Production


The pallets are selected
from a pre-configured list which is
available for selection by a control
panel on the machine itself.


The runners are being stacked
into the slots where they will be
fed into the machine. As they
enter, the bottom boards will be
attached to the runners.



The bottom deck boards have
been nailed to the runners.



The partial pallet is being
flipped by a mechanical arm,

allowing it to move the
rest of the way through the
process without interruption.



The top and bottom deck boards

are attached one by one to

the runners.



The completed product moves
down the line to the stacker,

banded for transport, then

loaded for delivery.



Located on State Road 38

Markleville, Indiana